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TRIAL TECH - Video Synchronization, Deposition Video, Witness Video, and “A Day in the life” video for plaintiff attorneys – When you work with Trial Tech you can rest easy knowing we will provide you with high quality video specifically designed for trial presentation.   


When Trial Tech handles your video synchronization, you can know that you are working with true professionals. When we sync your closed captioning with the court recorder’s notes, you can rest easy knowing they are timed properly and accurate.


There is a lot more that goes into shooting a witness video than just point and shoot. How you present a witness testimony on video can have a massive impact on a jury. Don’t leave your witness video to chance – work with us.  


Deposition video is more than just shooting a talking head with an iPhone. The right angle, light, and frame all impact how a jury interprets (and understands) a deposition. We are deposition video experts.


Let the jury see what your plaintiff’s life is like now after being injured. A “day in the life” video allows the jury to see how much your client has been impacted by an incident.

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